Self –Love and God


Self –Love and God

My eyes piercing through to my soul, acknowledging the distance in which I have come,

My hands embracing, some sort of resistance at first but holding my shoulders reaffirming that it’s going to be ok,

I once felt ugly, didn’t feel important and didn’t know my purpose,

I hated myself sometimes, most times,

Comparing myself with others, trying to fit in, often left me misplaced and alone,

Wasn’t until Christ came into my life that I started to appreciate this woman,

I appreciated the details that made me different

I came to love the uniqueness, in which God made me,

Found my purpose, and still discovering many others,

God indeed makes the difference in our lives, adding purpose and worth, reminding us why we are here, and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, not only in the physical but also a wonderful life. Our lives should revolve around Him. When you get close to God He sort of changes your self-image, you no longer live to please others but you live to please Him, and you realize He accepts you and loves you no matter how imperfect you may feel or look.

He loves you unconditionally and you are indeed beautiful, with a splendid mind body and soul (better believe it)!

Written by

Laurna Guiste