This time

This time she’s not stressed about a call or text back,

She’s not worried about her insecurities holding her back from expressing what she really feels,

This time she’s smiling for no reason, her blood pressure is down, and she got no headaches or heartbreaks,

She’s not crying in the shower, going to work angry and lying to her coworkers about her so called ” happy relationship.

It’s true, you never know how bad you had it until you feel how good it can be.

She hated who she had slowly become way back when, when she couldn’t yet understand how someone who’s full of games play her, she played herself,

Her legs became tired of running and facing herself and being honest and real about her situationship

Instead, she had made it something she imagined and always daydreamed of having…true love.

This time she’s genuinely happy and at ease not worried about her person because they are open, honest and do what they say they are going to do,

This time She’s found what was kept from her ,what felt like a punishment for being good she is given loads of it,shit

this feels good,the type of good that doesnt wear off after you’ve climaxed,the type that last.

This time she’s free to be herself comfortably without fear or judgment or resentment.

Just growth in all aspects, the type that’s not just pillow talked about but actually executed.

Grown people ish this time.

She’s comfortable yet she feels adored in her own skin, no pretense everything is enough, she is enough and always has been..

This time is the first time she’s been in love.

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