Rain and Sun

The rain was once jealous that sun was out in full blaze,

Striding and displaying her full rays,

Flipping her sundress,strutting her heels,

Rain couldn’t help getting angry and into his feels,

He and sun just couldn’t get along, and he hated that he had a Rep of showing up after a bad song

While Sun was the hottest in the town,bringing on bright days through and through

More and more rains hatred grew. Until one day he could take it no more,

And so heavy tears begin to pour,untill he couldn’t see any Sun anymore,

He flooded streets and blocked the gates,caused landslides and rained and rained till it was very late,

And he was happy for Sun disappeared,

But Sun was back the next day and the next day,and no matter how much he cried Sun would always come back anyway.

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