Quarantine sucks

Trapped indoors,

Looking out and missing the days I took going out for granted,

Getting bored,speaking to my reflection in the glass,

Thinking of how did we get here,so fast,

Wondering how long will this last?

easily irate,

being unreasonable,questioning my whole mental health, and fate,

Waking up late,gaining weight,

missing the sun,

Smelling the grass,

Now I know what it’s like to be in prison,

I mean what was the reason?

I’m sure by now we’ve all learnt the lessons,

We’ve prayed,cried and will never again refuse a hug,

I miss that,I miss the little things that made us human,

Shaking hands and getting to know someone by looking them straight in the eye,

Now I cant get that close,

Quarantine sucks.

Hope it doesn’t get worst

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