Be Great (at least think you are.)

It’s easier believing the bad things that people say about you and even the bad things we say about ourselves is oftentimes easier to believe,why is that?

Many of us allow put downs to shape us and allow other’s opinions to define who we are and we often look for our identity in other people.

I am here to inform you or rather remind you * in Murray’s voice “that is a LIE!” and if you are doing that you should stop.

Nothing or no one has the permission to make you feel inferior without your consent.You hold the keys to your own happiness and you are who you are and that person may not be all nice but you got life which means there is still a chance to work on that person.

Listen, we all came from dust and dust we shall return,we must all die one day and no one is better than you.Remember how precious you are,how valuable and unique God made you and how irreplaceable you are.

Never belittle yourself and avoid comparisons as you are an original a limited edition. Embrace the person your past has made you,lessons and all,they all have a part to play in your destiny.

Always be great at least believe and think that you are and before you know it,your thought becomes your reality as we are what we think.

Written by

Laurna G

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