Mare Emotions

Feelings consume us but what if what makes us human is killing us.Mare feelings of rage,anger,jealousy and depression? A choke to our throat chackra a blockage to our flow,it stifles us with fear?

Instead of love we become full of hate,Lord knows there’s so much hate right now in the world. Innocence no longer protects us,instead it makes us a target and makes us open.

Love is confused and made synonymous with body parts and the likes ,what a messed up world we live in,where we lead and make decisions based on feeble emotions.

Emotions that change as the weather and is often cold and miscalculated. We lead from ego and our higher self has to be stretched through yoga to be brought out.Doing good is becoming a luxury and not caring is where we all are at.Showing love is seen as a movement and someones need to be seen or to become a trend on social media..look at me and what a good person I am,I fed these people.

These are my late night thoughts,,ignore them or you can take them in they are only thoughts from a passing emotion and recognition in my perspective of how the world is right now.

I am just a mare observer.

Written by

Laurna G

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