Glad You came

I wasn’t suppose to meet you, not at this time,

not at the time my life was supposedly falling apart,

Not like this..

I wasn’t suppose to be this happy and well secure in your arms

in a time when heartbreak came calling and I was left without much of a logical explanation,no real closure and just left hanging,

I wasn’t suppose to be laughing hard and recovering this quick,

See life’s a bitch and she slapped me,she slapped me hard,

Left me with scars and many times with a broken heart,wet eyes and a lot of if only ..

You were not suppose to be my escape,my happy place,the one person that can stand me when he holds me, I was suppose to be falling in defeat,

But instead I found myself falling in love,

Found myself smiling and for the first time not worrying about a text or a call back,he gets it,he gets me

I wasn’t suppose to feel this free with somebody,and find love this easy,

Cause I’m used to it being so hard,

Hard to love and be love back,

I’m getting used to you having my back during the time its being stabbed,

You have held me in my darkest moments because of your light

and your pureness of love,

Life hardships are feeble,they don’t stand a chance because you make me strong and loved.

I just want you to know that you came when God saw I needed

you the most.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

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