People come,People go

I know I’m not the first person this has happened to,I have lost friends and it happened over something so petty that I’m not even sure what it was. Just about a month ago we were at a bar laughing and having fire ball shots,celebrating my birthday. They all gave me gifts and there was a cake and everyone seemed happy,but today so much has changed. In such a short space of time my so called friends have vanished.

Like a cold wind at Christmas,those friends came and went before I could print out one of our outing pictures to frame up. I am left wondering were they my friends to begin with and where did we go wrong. For sure an incident happened and there was a huge misunderstanding but shouldn’t friends communicate their differences and patch things up?

Instead a silence commenced that gave rise to seeds of gossip that spread faster than any grape vine at the office. Cold shoulders,strong ignore games became sport of the day and no one seemed to care enough to break the code of silence. Silence I know is some sort of abuse,low manipulation and done to hurt the other. This has been going on for weeks and tension keeps building and breeding on negativity,causing a some what mold infestation at a stagnant friendship.

Conversations no longer flow,no greetings or acts of kindness shown,nothing but coldness.

Nothing but bruised egos and repetition of a flimsy story in guise of an excuse to cover up the real intentions as to why we stopped talking in the first place. Everyday I grow tired of the whispers and the sarcastic remarks made to sound funny and non judgemental. But I feel judged by a clan of women,calling me the names by which they act FAKE. I feel pulled in a corner, confronted by hate,envy and emotionally marked for reasons I’m not clear about.

Reasons I’m to clear about,reasons no one chooses to address,because I believe no one really wants this to be fixed. Underneath the hurtful manipulation lies a love for drama and negativity in their otherwise boring life,where nothing interesting happens. And they must talk about you because when they talk of themselves no one listens.

So, I’ve lost friends..what else is new?

Written by

Laurna G

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