Are you are foodie? Well I am,I love food,with me its the more the merrier and just like myself and many others we do not check the number of calories in there before we consume. Our motto is if it looks and taste good ,we should have it.

From cheesy Cheetos,moist chocolate cakes with thick frosting,baked, juicy chicken,mouth watering,finger licking,cheese dripping dishes,candies and meaty burgers you have me dribbling over here,you got me.:)

But what is the science of food,who taught man what to do and how to do it,what edible ingredients to add and to put less of to make the magic of food?

Food goes way back ,all the way to Jesus with the two loaves and five fishes,now was that fish raw,fried or cooked? lol How was the food prepared back then and who told them how to prepare it? Trial and error I guess.

I recall my mom amazing cooking I can still taste the hot soups,stew meats and provisions she prepared and my favorite: Callaloo, a soup like meal filled with green seasonings,dumplings,breadfruit and crab. I recall the struggles of breaking crab legs to find the meat and me and my siblings laughing at the mess we made while breaking the crab,what great memories.

Not to mention Christmas my favorite time of year,besides the caroling,decorating and gifts I look forward to the amazing food.The fruit cakes,sorrels,eggnog,wines,hams,turkeys,candies and the list goes on. Food I believe is a universal love language that knits families closer together.It resonates with sharing,giving,happiness and togetherness.

P. S I am currently exploring healthier food options though and I attempted at being a vegan for a month,but my taste buds got bored. So I am back at eating less meat with more vegetables.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


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