Review of the movie Maleficent Mistress of Evil.

So my niece and I went to see’s Maleficent not magnificent yes got it,Maleficent II on Saturday October 19th at the Emerald theaters. Forgive me but I can’t recall what the first one was about so I appreciated the little re-cap at the beginning of the movie.

The proposal at the beginning is very touchy and emotional and sets the pace for a cliche fairy tale however when Maleficent shows up,played by Angelina Jolie,who I must say looks good,and I am happy for seeing her in a movie after a good break from the screen) you sense this is no fairy tale.

She brings a seriousness to the character and those high cheek bones,sharp eyes and deep collar bones keeps you looking. I admire her role as the wicked godmother who gets soft for her godchild.

Now the plot gets interesting when Michelle Pfeiffer steps in and plays a role I haven’t seen her in, a wicked Queen.I become tense at the dinner they get invited to and I agree when Maleficent gets angry and she steps back into her revengeful role of humans against creatures and once again her love for Aurora gets tested.

The fact that there are more like Maleficent is unpredictable and the war that happens has every reason to,it is acted out so well that you embrace the fairies and horned creatures and despise the humans for wanting to end their world.

This movie had me hating the villains and longing for their deaths which honestly takes a while.It keeps you longing for the end,because we have become a generation that’s kind of impatient.

The war scene is epic,emotionally exhausting but ends well. Angelina Jolie plays the part of a mother’s unconditional love for her child so perfectly that it causes her death.

I believe that’s the theme of this movie unconditional love and peace. Trust me it exhausts both meanings and brings the point across very accurately.

It keeps you interested and makes you angry but happy in the end.A must see for children but this is No fairy tale.

Written by Laurna G

I rate this movie 8.5 out of 10.

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