My Island

The trees were my caress and like the few here I considered myself blessed,

Being born in a land so free that you can walk the streets almost anytime,

Land of my birth,today gives you 41 and you’ve never looked so lovely,

Mother earth,

Your skirts holds the most glorious waterfalls, and miraculous lakes,

sprouting from the creaks of quakes,

Flora and Fauna and non poisonous snakes,

A land of fish broth and cocoa tea and stuff bakes,


A land of river vibes,sandy beaches and creole,

Where the kids run barefoot and enjoy ring games,

Though today its not the same,we still stand tall,

and we from time to time throw stones at Mango trees,

and we still board the bus packed up like cheese,

We still say Thank you Mam and please,


a rear diamond in the sea,

A land of pure clean water and coconut trees,

An escape for the tourist to lime and enjoy the cool breeze


My Island,

My country,

Written by

Laurna G

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