Mental Health their eyes I’m a mad man

Feeling like a caged bird,trapped behind walls and bands of society,

I only want to be free,

Why do they scrutinize my actions,and make fun of my clothes,

Why when I talk to myself they respond with hate,

Why cant they just wait,wait on me to catch up to their idea of normal..

But then again I’m way passed that,

My life is a riddle,a cat in a hat,

As a matter of fact,their ways are boring,

Sticking to rules got me hazy and snoring,

I rather be me and dance in the rain,

Live in my mind,where I shut out the pain,

I don’t care,let them call me crazy,

Let them seek out a cure,

Put me to sleep,but when the moon is up,

I’ll be back for sure,

So go ahead and clean out my dementia,

Go on pretend to care,and stare in lost hope,

at a man who appears to lost his mind,

but in this cage,I’ve found me,

I’ve found time

I’ve found mine,

Can you show me thine?

Written by

Laurna G

Written in light of Mental Health Day

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