Taste the Rainbow

Long,hard strokes

Steady wrist movements,

A clean canvas,

soon becomes messy,wet and runny,

Streams of hotness,

A stiff hand makes for fine lines,hitting the same spot

over and over,over and over

Till it breaks free from strain and lets the lines wiggle and become

creative with the outskirts,

An array of colors,hues and texture,

Passionate blue,steamy red,hot fires,

Soft then rough,faster then slower, a steady hand

A picture that screams with desire,

A pure nakedness yet quickly covered with kisses of inspiration,

Leaving marks,breaking backs,beauty and pain,

A stroke done over and over again,

One started at dawn lingers all day,

A painting that keeps you up,

becomes your morning coffee

and you’re not tired but filled with glee,

This is my passion I take it all in,

Finish painting now then I’m back at it again,

A drug or a remedy all depends on the moment

the energy,the why

How much color I got left

all depends on the vibe

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