Love stumbled upon

The leprechaun has found its pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,

The princess has been rescued from her castle,

Something so far fetched has happened,something has started and it feels too good to be true,

A fairy tale has commenced and love has been birthed,

A moment she has been praying and waiting for,

Her heart has finally been pierced by Cupid’s fine arrows,

So many times he’s missed,but it was all a for shadow

Every love song and love stories she’s heard

Every cliche romantic film she’s seen,seems to be found in him,

Her heart seems to beat fast and slow at the same time,

her mind wonders why it took so long to stumble upon this gold mind,

A love that’s beyond just his model like looks,

One that involves spirit,soul love like portions they write of in books.

So Be my Peter Pan I’m Wendy,fighting the crooks,

because baby I’m hooked.

Written by

Laurna G


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