Neck of our Woods..Amazon Forest

Much to my dismay fire had entered my home and instead of keeping us warm they torched our paths

Leaving me thirsty and dry with little and no options for survival,

My madras leaves no longer hid my long legs,

I became naked,uncovered and open with ugliness,

These greedy men,their heat turned my beauty into a playground,

Cleared my hair to see where they could break ground,

Teared my family apart,ripped out my heart and still expected a thud,a sound,

Giving me reasons why they had to burn me down,

Camouflaging their intentions as if they could fool me,

and others to see the greater good,

Treating me like I’m not part of the reason for the oxygen in their chest,

and that in my bed lays many babies that are fed,

They don’t see my need or the importance of my herbs,

But in their selfishness they have killed mother earth,

and as I lay here breathless,tell me what is it worth,

To lose me and to gain the world

To lose the marks tattooed in my back

To lose my history,to destroy my paths

But in losing me you’ve come to lose your self.

Written by

Laurna G


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