Do not be afraid of their faces

My palms were sweaty and mouth was dry

My heart was pounding like an elderly man on Viagra,

The calmness of my nerves were so far,

 And my legs were shaky,

I couldn’t sit still as I pondered my words over and over again,

The fact that my name was about to be called terrified me,

This Path that I was on, wasn’t my choice,

But I wanted to help others with what I had, which proved to be my voice,

My words, my motivation, would help them soar,

I had to stand eventually and make it to the front,

My trembling fingers played the chords to their applaud,

I stood behind the pulpit and near almost fainted,

I wanted to run and not stare at their faces,

But I knew I had to stand still and deliver my speech.

Calm down, take out my notes and commence to teach

Face my fears, and trust that it was going to be alright,

Be bold and kick the fear monster far out of sight.

Written by

Laurna G


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