Painful Memories..New Beginnings

Letting go of the clutter and making room for what is important.

As I look at my life and the many pains I have felt there is a source of strength that resonates within me and reminds me that I am not alone,but God has carried me through. Having experienced the loss of my mom and my brother about 4 years after is heart wrecking and to lose ones home,community and having to evacuate to a new village to start all over has been trying. I have been tried yet true,in the midst of me asking why God I’ve whispered yet will I trust thee.

Pains have taught me about healing and how it transforms you,it either makes or breaks you.Pain has become just another noun to me,its not foreign but has become known to me,I refuse to water it though,like many and allow it to fester my life to cause me to become bitter and unhappy. Honestly, there are dark days and in-explainable emotional melt downs that visit now and then but never stays,it does not define me.

I know what it is but I have made a decision to be happy every moment and have reached a level where I’m no longer afraid of death or its sting.No amount of trauma can shake me because I feel have experienced it all. I have developed inner strength and everyday stress are like leaves that fly away with the wind,never permanent.

Recently starting meditating,and in my meditation I clear negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones,I replace darkness with light.I inhale positivity,exhale negativity.I replace bad words with positive affirmations and rest knowing God is working it out and He is my peace.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

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