Life goes on

Knew you for a second,knew you for a day,knew you for a moment,a moment that faded away.

Knew you for a month,knew you for a year,knew you for knowing you,

but did I ever know you ?The real you

Time lost,time gone,days spent having fun,reminiscing  of the days I thought you were the one,but those days are gone.

I’m here singing my sad songs,knowing life must go on,but  I take this moment to cherish that moment we shared in time that may never exist again.

I feel all there is to feel, I let the tears pour,for I wont stay in this place much longer,

The rainy days will soon end where the songs of hope will be played again,

I will rise from my ashes anew,as I’m slowly getting over you.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


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