Loving you

When there is no more emotion to express, but it’s clear that I’m angry,
when I want you to hold me because right now I feel empty, but I also need to breathe and analyze why you keep tripping,and can’t love me right,
I used to believe in fairy tales,but knowing you crushed my childish dreams,turned them into fantasies,
Like needles and thorns, brittles and crowns I tried to win your heart,
but I came up,empty.
I know you want me at my best,but it’s had to love someone when they aint giving you what you need, our love is complicated, messed up and undefined, that I no longer know what is mine,
Two broken pieces, caught in a maze, trying to build on a love built in rage,lies and conceit, i am amazed that we can still kiss, is it just lust then why am I on my knees.
It’s hard to speak when you’ve said all the words, it’s hard to hold on,when you continue to hurt, I wish you nothing but happy, like cheese on the moon,i want you to stay and not leave too soon,
I wish you were happy,quiet, just like me,then just maybe we could start that family.
Written by
Laurna Guiste

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