The beach

Went to the beach yesterday, with the sun glistening against my skin, giving me that much needed tan. Sun was scorching hot,perfect weather for going out. Packed my swim suit and sunshades and out the door I went. Hopping a bus and made it across the country, passing trees, villages, and mountain capes, Nature calling at me to Come embrace it,and I indeed was.
Made it to the part of the island and the sea was shimmering blue, reflecting the sky. Black sand between my toes, with fishermen boats stacked alongside the shore as kids swam in the lucid waters. What a beautiful day I thought to myself as I walked along the shoreline. There was this cool breeze that caused my white blouse to hug my shoulders, i welcomed the fact it made the sun bearable as I made my way towards the cabanas.
I could see some green mountains in the distance, some areas were stacked with colorful houses, creating a beautiful display of colors amongst green vegetation.
Two coconut trees stood brilliant with an abundance of coconuts, holding up a hammock where a lazy rata man laid with his herb in one hand. I noticed he smiled as he looked out in to the sea at the tourists out on their yachts. I greeted him as I passed on he cat called me and I smiled back and continued walking. The cabana was decorated with white drapes and two lounge chairs where stationed beneath each, I sat down, put my legs up, tilted my head back, as a waitress came up to me and pleasantly asked what I wanted,
“One virgin pinna colada,please” I said as she wrote it down in a small note pad and went off to the small wooden bar behind us. Raggae music was playing softly in the background as I closed my eyes,i knew this beach was exactly what I needed.
Written by
Laurna Guiste

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