Get up already!

Life is super short,today already marks the 8th day into the new year and I can’t help wish the weekend would rewind. I don’t know but I believe I’ve acquired some new wisdom for the new year that has taught me to number my days. Meaning to recognize the importance of months,weeks,days and moments. Learning not to waste it,as much as I’m a tgif fan I’m learning to love Mondays and appreciate what I do in that day,cause that day is part of my life.

I’ve recently started gym in the early mornings before work and it has me looking forward to each day. I love new things like many of us,we have passion for something when it’s new and fresh but after a few months that fire kind of dwindles( I hope that doesn’t happen to me). Gym has me feeling so energetic and hype in the mornings,like I can face anything. Believe me after lifting those weights I sure can.

But yes, time is quickly going by,and what are we doing about it? I bet there are projects we started in 2016 that are yet to be accomplished, I know I do. That thing we keep putting off,postponing and procrastinating over,let’s get on with it already. Faith without works is dead and as mush as I love wishful thinking,wishing or talking about accomplishing something doesn’t make it happen. We have to make the sacrices to see things happen,we got to push in that extra work.

When working on my first book for example I had to be at it,always writing even if the work wasn’t the best at first I wrote anyway and edited after. Persistence and hard work do bring success,God is not going to publish the book for you,you’ve got to get your butt up and get it done. He’ll bring you the favor and blessings,sales,recognition in due time,but you have to take that first step.

So my encouragement to you is,go for it,do more actions less talking and let’s see how much we can get done. God speed.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


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