My new year Resolutions.. #1

What’s the truth behind New year’s resolutions? Do they actually work? Has anyone gone through with any of them? I would like to shake the hand of the man/woman who has ticked off everything off that list. Don’t get me wrong,this is coming from someone who’s a sold believer to writing the vision and making it plain, I’m always found writing/ setting goals,dreams,aspirations, visions,that’s me,it keeps me inspired. I know by now I’m a dreamer and as lame as it may sound I’ve actually seen some of my dreams become a reality.many didn’t happen in the sequence I thought it would but it did.

So I do understand the concept of stating your ” new year resolutions ” just that as I get older,wisdom forces me to get beyond the paper and dream in action,for faith without works is dead. I’m actually not going to write anything down, just going to keep it to my head and pray hard about it. I’m not going to tell anyone, if it happens it happens. But I’m not going to let anyone stop me,I’m going at this trusting God’s desire above mine. Because truth is I make plans but at the end of the day God directs my steps.

So I’m actually waiting to hear the stories of your resolutions that you’ve actually gone through and accomplish. Please share and be an encouragement to us all. With that said,Happy,blessed New Year to all my readers,followers,fans and colleagues, may this year be one worth writing about.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

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