Merry Christmas

So we’re sitting at his family’s Christmas dinner table and he pulls out this little black box. My heart starts racing,my throat gets dry and I start gulping down more wine.His parents are too distracted over slicing the turkey to notice the serious look on his face. He gives me this intense look that causes me to cough on the Merlot,his sister rubs my back and his cousins starts laughing. The music is loud and he mouths me something, now I’m incredibly terrible at reading lips so I’m lost. After guessing what he said I gave up and decided to lean in closer. In doing so some gravy spilled over my dress and everyone becomes frantic,he rushes over to me and helps me dry my dress with some napkins. He puts the box in his shirt pocket “What were you saying?” I asked nervously.

Never mind he said,I’ll tell you later,I frowned and in came his drunk uncle who wasnt invited he was furious and started throwing a fit. My boyfriend rushes in just in time to suffer a punch in the face that was intended for his dad ,the women scream and Marcus my boyfriend is down flat with blood oozing from his nose.

I rush over and bring napkins to his nose to stop the bleeding.Marcus’s dad is now at his brother’s throat and Marcus’s mom Mitchel is crying as her two daughters come to my side,I couldn’t believe what was suppose to be maybe my best Christmas turned out to be a disaster.

Couple hours later we’re at the hospital with Marcus and his uncle who both shot each other in the leg. I’m sitting in the waiting room with Marcus coat on me as he speaks to the doctors,I remember the box,I numbly reached for it and opened it…

Written by

Laurna Guiste


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