The Wiseroots Barbershop was renowned back in the 70’s,the days where men rocked their FROs and bells bottoms,taking drugs and partying wild. It was that time when men seemed lost and seemed direction that they would casually have a sit on one of the leather chairs, awaiting their turn for a trim.

The older men would nurture the younger ones with stories from their youth,passing on wisdom and lessons.Players would beg to learn a trick or two but the elders would only share how to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady.

The leather chairs over the years became an arena for discussions over politics,drugs,women,family, culture, race you name it. Nothing wasn’t hidden and the raw truth was spoken on daily life situations. It was at the barbershop Sam sat dumfounded when he found out he was going to be a father,at 18 just out of school with no job,he was given a job at the shop after being lectured on responsibility.

The Wise roots barbershop wasnt the best in latest cuts and trims but they held a warm,educational and entertaining ambience. A spot mothers would drop off their sons when they needed a good talk about being a real man or just a good boy. Many husbands would woo their wives after Mr Taylor told them his secrets of how he kept his marriage of 45 years strong,God,good talk and good sex he often said and the men would laugh at the 82 year old chap.

The barbarshop closed for a few months after the passing of Mr Taylor in the 90’s it was a sad day in that town and since his passing the place hasn’t been the same.

His son took over and runs it up to this day but he isn’t his father and though he tries his best to give advise these days they just are not received as before. The neighborhood has grown cold and filled with violence and drug pushers. The chairs are not as filled and when the talk is just about how it used to be.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

P.S Fiction

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