Sweet and wise soul

Music and a huge grin is what he was known for,other than being a good accountant there was little I knew about him.

We worked at the same establishment for years and never spoke to each other, and even when I said hi his headphones just seemed a little louder. Can’t quite recall how we became friends or how we started talking but ever since we did we have not stopped.

It’s weird how amazing friendships can be birthed from casual greetings.Getting to know this individual over the years has allowed me to see him evolve into a fine young gentleman. From a character that has matured to be quite ambitious, intelligent, kind,family oriented,to one who is wise,curious and fears God.

I admire this young man’s courage and persistence, even in the midst of his disappointments,heartbreaks and pain I’ve seen him rise in positivity. It’s a blessing to call him friend and the fact we share the same adventurous strike makes it more interesting to have him in my circle.

His smile is still as broad and he still enjoys his music but he has grown to be much wiser than his age,and he continues to inspire me to rise to greatness.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

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