Count down

So,it’s thirteen more days till Christmas and many of us are very excited to do our last minute shoppings,have family over, sharing of gifts,having lots to eat and drink,most of us throw diets out the window including myself during that time.(lol)

I honestly enjoy this time of year,it’s my favorite holiday,and no matter what age I am,Christmas always has me feeling warm on the inside. I live in the Caribbean where there isn’t any snow to make snow man’s or snow angels,nonetheless that hasn’t kept the kids from believing in Santa Claus and enjoying their new toys.

In the Caribbean we celebrate Christmas by indulging in huge purchases of hams and turkeys, pork,beef.. this is the part where cow’s butchered body is suspended by the legs while a group of buyers stand yelling how much bounds of meat they want . This may seem uncivilized, but this is viewed quite normal in the Caribbean society and the health inspectors ensures it is free from harm and good for consumption.

Canons made from bamboo,being  fired up by an excited boy blowing through a hole on the other end a fun yet risky experience which have left many boys without eye lashes. But nothing compare to the booming sound marking the celebration of the Christmas season,a childhood tradition that never ends.

I recall as a child waiting for my mother to return from town with loads of shopping and with a new doll,no matter how many dolls I had I always wanted a new one. Sodas sold by the crate were many,candy canes,ginger bear,eggnog and fruit cake marked the commencement of a jolly,green Caribbean Christmas.

To be continued

Written by

Laurna Guiste




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