No-November Meat Challenge

“A woman who takes care of herself becomes her own best friend”  Maya Angelou

My No November Meat challenge has ended and I did not lose 35lbs like I desired however eating healthier has become easier. I know if I was way stricter on myself I would have lost the weight but I’ll be honest and state that I cheated once or twice, eating  meat 1 out of the seven days.

For the past couple of weeks I ate tuna with green bananas, sweet potato, ripe plantains (I decided to add more starch into my meals and I mastered cooking a delicious lentil,pumpkin,spinarch and carrot soup with plantain and sweet potato. My most delicious veg meal yet, added dices of seasoned tuna last Friday. This meal is literally finger licking good, my sister agreed and told me I should do it every day after she had a taste.


My exercises on the other hand were next to nothing during the week of  my menstrual cycle I lacked the energy and just wasn’t in the mood to do any body work, days I managed to do any exercises I only did sit ups. My hormonal swings had me craving fry chicken more than ever, the mare scent had me day dreaming and messed with salivary glands. I’m glad I resisted most days and gave in only one out of seven days not so proud of that but I have made some progress.

The challenge has been by all means difficult and I realized I could have pushed harder and I needed to be more disciplined to achieve greater results. Nothing happens overnight and self disciplined gets harder with time, it’s you who has to push and push really hard to achieve your goals.

This challenge is a process, it isn’t about the destination but it has been all about the journey.  Learning to take better care of myself, demonstrating self love in one of it’s highest form.

P.S I am pleased that my menstrual cycle was regular this month, something it hasn’t been for  some time, hence my  efforts have been recognized and has provided results.  I am motivated to continue on this healthy lifestyle take better care of me and my future God’s willing.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

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