No-Meat November Challenge continues

So,it’s the second week into my No-meat November Challenge and it  continues to be a royal pain in the butt,it is nothing short of challenging,not only is it more expensive to live a healthier lifestyle, you will also find as a result fewer people are actually encouraging you not to lose weight ,especially when they do not understand why you are on your journey and you have to keep reminding yourself why you starting your journey in the first place.

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” Og Mandino

So for the second week I had soy chucks in coconut and curry gravy with spinach and vegetable rice that was delicious, I made oats one particular day and it was OK, had lots of vegetable rice and whole wheat crackers and banana smoothies for snack. My Vigorous exercises continued and I’m glad to announce I lost 6 lbs I wished it were ten(10) but it is something.


I know there is lots more work to do, I definitely have to push harder, with only two more weeks and a few days remaining in November  I want to lose more and  if not reach get real close to my target of 140lbs. For with God nothing shall be impossible, I will attain my goals.

The Saturday I did some running on the field near where I live along with some squats and sit ups,was painful but worth it. This journey continues with me pushing harder and resisting more each week. This journey testes me daily and helps me to exercise self control, saying no to yummy meats have been so darn hard. I must admit I did eat meat again but there were two pieces and I only ate one so my resistance is increasing.The journey continues.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

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