He is

Lord I know he is broken, torn apart, hurt by chance,

But here he is crying out to you, for he needs you,

His life is shattered and he needs to know he is loved,

He needs to feel your touch, as his heart bleeds and aches for you Lord,

He is wounded, bruised sort of like you were bruised and his panting,

Gasping for air for he feels like he’s drowning in sin,

And he can’t seem to find a way out, he wants to serve you

But he gets scared; he doesn’t know what to do,

Addictions have chained him, he’s caving in

In a world that hates him, he screams within,

Lord I pray that you touch him and set him free,

Let Him know you care and feel your love,

May you heal his hurt and may he  look above,

Find help and strength to make it through,

And may he be changed as he looks to you,

May your blood cleanse and make him knew,

For I know your love is real and there is nothing you can’t do.

Written by

Laurna Guiste



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