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Farewell Brother.

Please play video as you read,was one of his favorite songs.

After a while the pain and I became as one,walking through crevices that were sometimes roads,sigh my brother would have expressed the events of Erica so much better than i ever could,such a great writer and sweet old soul..sigh as i sit here reminiscing of his great influence over my life.

The effects of Erica would have been a easier pill to swallow if you were still around to talk it over with,you were one to remain calm and optimistic even in the face of danger.You were known for being funny,down to earth,someone who was always willing to listen and you were very understanding.

Now with you gone,it just makes it a little more difficult to breathe, but i know with time I will catch my breath,and live and enjoy every moment,i know  you would cheer me on to smile and not cry. It is a hard thing to accept,but God gives and he takes away,and i know it is not goodbye but it is farewell for just a little while.

I see why you encouraged me to write,because you knew i would carry on the legacy and write,hoping one day to be as great as you. I’m proud to have been related to such a great talent and beautiful soul.Rest in perfect peace my beloved brother David Guiste.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


7 thoughts on “Farewell Brother.”

  1. Laurna, I am so sorry. I know you are devastated by this loss, and there really is nothing anyone can say. Your brother was a wonderful poet (I took the liberty of looking him up and reading several of his poems), and I know his encouragement and love will always remain with you. May he rest in peace. Deb

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss, Sis. I also have not been on for a couple of months and so missed your post when you wrote it. I know what loss is like, my wife’s mother who was a mother to me just passed also.. The hope and assurance we have is just like you wrote in your Farewell. It is not final, but just a good-bye for now. Think of the excitement when we all get to set around that banquet table of the Lord’s and get to catch up with lost loved ones and ones that we have impacted in our lives. Sis, will continue to pray and hold you up in the Spirit. Take comfort, mourn, but praise God that you will be with your brother again and you will be able to have the best reunion imaginable!
    In Christ’s love, Pastor Roland

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