Poetry Corner

The Tobacco Monster


They conceal me in boxes, pouches, cartons, tins and packages.

Label me front and back with well – designed health warnings and messages.

They do so to notify that I’m bad to persons of all ages;

For I am The Tobacco Monster, a killer.

Though it’s made clear and bold,

My tales of making folks morbid and causing premature deaths are many to be told.

I brew several health defects,

So they aim to keep me under control.

I contain benzene, a known cancer-causing substance,

I’m hazardous; with me I wouldn’t dare you to take a chance.

I cause more mischief than just tinting ones teeth.

I’m a gruesome monster whose insane narcotic health risks,

Are not to be played with,

So they package me, and they cage me,

Try to restrict me,

In attempts that you’d quit me,

For I am addictive in nature,

For sure, they’re not to deceive or mislead you,

For I am truly the monster which kills you!

written by

Laurna Guiste









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