Poetry Corner

I am Woman

Beauty ,Intelligent ,Elegant and Sensitivity …. These are some of the characteristics she carries . Really & Truly does this say who or what she is all about
No doubt in my mind that woman is a man with a womb .
Hence the given name
She is faced with the husles and busles of life
Yet still stands strong
She is an overcomer
No one seems to understand her capability
Or her desires
Though her attire may say something else
A woman is not defined by her clothes
Rather knowing who she is in this world

At times she may be feeble
Her ability to rely on self
Makes her independent
The day woman meets
Prince charming
She is entangled by his unconditional love for her
Then realization takes over
She no longer leans on herself
Instead it’s on His shoulder
He cherishes her with every fiber in his body
Only because of the Passion he has for her
Woman is Virtuous
A rare pearl in a Golden box

Written by

Tessa Titre


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