In the world of the competitive

Have you seen dogs in a pack on the verge of snatching unto their prey neck to get a go at them?

Have you seen the way they are held back forcefully in their keeper’s reins, barely restraining them because they smelled fresh meat, well more like fresh customers?

That’s how it was in the co-operate world for four years working on a commission as a sales rep, sigh. Every day as the customers came in we’d rush to them in hopes to be the first one to say Hello and start a nuisance conversation, foolishly it automatically made that person your customer and whatever they bought became your sales for that day and you earned a “commission” sounds easy and fun right?

Well actually it wasn’t, it became routine, tedious and many negative emotions began to spur, and when the higher authorities demanded we made higher sales then we really saw the true colors of many colleagues as the shop floor became a survival of the fittest. Competitive edges left permanent marks and remarks made many visit the office. The authorities who hid in their molded caves didn’t see the light of the real situation that went on between us just to earn a commission. They only cared about making their cut and when they didn’t they stressed us out even more to bring in the bacon, well I worked selling leather bags so it wouldn’t be call it bacon, but beef anyways you get my point.

There was always someone having an issue with the other, either stealing the other’s sale; customer or authorities screaming down our throats to improve our sales. Work became a battlefield where our swords were blunt and hurtful words. We were striving to work together but we were always drawing apart because everyone wanted to be number one and as we’d sometimes step on each other’s head to get on top, anger,jelousy,greed and all sorts of evil rose giving rise to a bitter, resentful and gossip filled work force.

I left there with no regrets because quite frankly I didn’t like who it wanted me to be.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


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