Great Flower

Great Flower


Like a flower you bloom with gentle petals. Your gentle, green branches reaching out to many, in attempts to show them the best way, you help in making the world a  better place.

Your quiet smile, an effort to hide whatever fears you may possess, in the midst of your testing’s you still give your best, because you have a great work to do.

You have come a long way in being tough, learning to climb when you felt like sitting. You have chosen to fly because you are chosen.

You have accepted your calling and by doing what you love you have an essence that makes you resilient.

In your disappointments you’ve learnt to count your blessings. In your frowns you have smiled and though you’ve learnt many lessons, you take pleasure in teaching some of your own.

You have become your best self and destroyed your oppressor’s plan by stepping out in confidence doing that which they said you couldn’t.

You have become great.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Dedicated to Ms. Katie Julien

Exempted from my new book The Greater You


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