Gold heart

Gold heart; its the synonym for this prize I call My First Love. Won, was a race of feelings for someone who was truly sent from above. She’s the best fielder on this cricket pitch of life the way she caught my attention. The kind to grow with u from minimum wage to the days of pension. You retire to her arms at night knowing that ur lifelong career was loving her. Laying there remembering the day ur heart sent an application in for her to be your love’s employer. Stepped up and addressed you like that life changing letter. The “whats ur name”, “how are u” and a joke for the ice breaker. A convo that produced 7 digits & what promised to be fun. All I wanted tho was to minus 6 out of those 7 digits just so she’d be my number 1. As time went by, we got closer and eventually boarded this vessel of emotions. A relation-ship that sailed its way round these love filled oceans. Cabin fever: a burning desire and warmth shared while I made love to my chick. We’ve made it thru the cold & the iceberg that tried sink our titanic. The ups and downs, downs and ups could make taking love’s elevator ride quite queasy. Life’s no slut, it ain’t gonna be that easy. With God first , even if she left everything would be all right. But no one wants to sleep in their bed all lonely at night. I’ve seen it all cuz the eyes are the window to the soul and she pushed the curtain aside so I could have a view. Ever since I’ve enjoyed watching the bright mornings under the fall of dew. I’ve lust and I’ve loved, but loving her I’ve not yet lost. So back to the present as I held her tighter and kissed her lips, and the moral of it all: there isn’t a price tag out there that could show how much My First Love costs.

Written by

Durkel Dalrymple


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