I’m imperfect, I’m imperfect(x 2)

I’m imperfect, I’m imperfect

Here comes this Imperfect man into my life trying to wife me,

I want him to lead me because I’m blind, but he also can’t see.

I’m trying to walk straight but he doesn’t seem to help me,

God help this man cause his weakness is my weakness, we both need to be set free,

Cause I’m imperfect, I’m imperfect

He loves God, We love God, we share God, we both need God,

He needs me to be strong, I need him to be right and not just go along, correct my wrongs I need him to be strong.

We both here singing these church songs but we’re imperfect,

Not really loving each other’s perfect imperfections, cause we’re far from it,

We need deliverance from it, both need to get to it, rise to it,

Cause we’re both broken, looking for pieces of Him in each other,

Falling short ,finding fault in the other, we can’t be whole, if we are just glimpses of what perfect suppose to be, cause we are both struggling with insecurities,

We need to be transformed and cleansed from our sins

And strive to be all He made us to be, yet imperfect may he see Christ in me, in us,

As we decrease and cry upon our knees, we let go of our selves and die to the flesh and become one, and in oneness flow in perfect  love,and  let this love that we share yet being imperfect give flame to our efforts to spark the change that we both need to grow.

Written by Laurna Guiste