Trust that God knows best

When God keeps something from you, better believe He has good reason. The word says no good thing will He withhold from them who walk uprightly, so if something is not good for you or will cause harm to you better believe your loving father will not give it to you. I use to get mad at God when a guy I was interested in would out of nowhere lose interest in me, I would cry, question God and actually think something was wrong with me. Everything seemed to be going fine and then they would just stop talking to me, so several times in my pursuit for happiness I would start pursuing this guys, which is wrong true love is never chased down by a good woman,anyways I would say almost anything to start up a conversation and get the ball rolling again, only to left looking desperate and rejected. Those moments hurt, and in that season I couldn’t see what God was trying to tell me or show me about these guys because I only saw the good part and the parts that felt good, and I was emotional and my vision got clouded and I felt like I was the problem and not these guys.

That was a result of not knowing myself, my worth and not knowing what I really wanted so I settled for anything. Moreover I was operating in the flesh and not spending quality time with God and allowing Him to speak to me, because if I only listened and viewed these guys based on the word of God I would quickly realize I was making a mistake and that I deserved so much better.

So lesson learnt, I read God’s word,books,blogs,posts  started following some genuine women of God and learnt what it is all about to be a woman of God and what to look for in a mate. That was where I realized why those relationships didn’t work out; they were not tied to my destiny. If anything, getting involved with these men would not help me fulfill my God given purpose. These men had their own plans and agenda and being their wife means I have to be a supporter and follower of their vision and if they are not led by God then how on earth are they going to lead me in the right way to fulfill God’s plan.

So if you are child of God, and God’s got His hand on your life better believe He is not going to yoke you with any and anybody. I realize the higher the call the longer the wait or the more he sharpens your character. So trust God that He is going to meet all of your needs and that He has not forgotten you, He knows what is best for you so wait on Him.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


2 thoughts on “Trust that God knows best

  1. How right you are! It has taken me many years and too many mistakes to learn what you’ve learned. May God bless you as you share with others what God has taught you.
    Your sister in Christ,

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