Letting go..

Letting  go..

I had a dream recently where I thought I was holding unto a small, harmless beetle, I felt like the beetle wanted to flee from my grasp but I still held unto it, then after a while the animal peered through my fingers and I noticed it was actually a cockroach I was holding, in disgust I shook it off.

Many of us might be like me in that dream holding onto something or someone that we feel is harmless to us and our spiritual or overall well being, but that person or thing is actually harmful to us and isn’t good for us and we need to LET IT GO!!

We need to let go of toxic relationships and things that weigh us down and enjoy the abundant life that God has given us. Life is too short to be sitting around in self pity and allowing everyone to use us except God. God didn’t place us on this earth to just occupy space and sit pretty, we are born and created for a unique purpose and distractions from toxic connections are just going to abort the plan God has for us.

You need to do some spring cleaning, firstly get rid of the mess in your cupboards that attract the cockroaches, take stock of your life, get in touch with who God has made you and the life He has made for you, not everyone is tied to your destiny so take note of who is on your team and who isn’t. Get right with God and allow Him to purify your heart and mind. Remember you attract who you are and not what you want, so in order to live a holy and fulfilled life be holy, be furfilled, love yourself to walk away from anything that no longer makes you happy and does not benefit you spiritually. You deserve to be happy!

Written by

Laurna Guiste


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