A word from the wise

Where did I go wrong in demonstrating how dark and cold the world is,it rapes and kills  those who play victim,where did I go wrong in proving that self love is demonstrated in protecting yourself from AIDS and unwanted pregnancies by an old man whose been divorced and your not sure if he loves you or was just satisfying his flesh.
Where did i go wrong in proving that true love takes time it is not microwavable,mixed with selfish emotions,soul ties and lust, where did I go wrong in telling you that it pays to wait for the right guy and sleeping around at motels wont guarantee you happiness.
Even if the mini dresses and half nude pics are what are in style it doesn’t qualify you to be a good wife, men as awesome as God made you, makes me sick to know you act like you love her just to use her,dump her, its over she cant sleep crying over the broken promised you made. Then again is it really your fault she flaunted it and she made it easy.
It hurts cause i know what it feels like to  feel hurt,unwanted and playing low to get attention,God knows you want to feel loved and appreciated and sometimes you will do anything to get it. But is it worth the regret,pain and bitterness?
Young woman you are precious,beautiful and your self destructive behavior wont guarantee you a healthy life long enough to fulfill your God given purpose. Don’t sell  yourself short because you got greatness within you but you won’t tap into it if you don’t have any standards.

Young man step up,play your role, be a wise man who knows that his selfish desires can affect his and that woman’s future and his children future.
My message comes from my heart because i hate the trend i am seeing, true love folks is worth the wait,respect yourself and respect others.

Written by
Laurna Guiste


10 thoughts on “A word from the wise

  1. where did I go wrong

    “We have to be careful not to assume on ourselves the guilt of the whole world. Now are we accountable even for the self destructive ways of loved ones even the awful choices our children may make.

  2. I think your thoughts are worth spreading and you are well spoken. We can always do more. It gives us more energy for action when we do not want things too much or fight for them. Fighting even for good things may detract from the power of our intention. It helps to transform the feeling of not being able to do more with those in our circles into a sense of satisfaction that we are doing the best we can. Then in fact, we end up doing more. I will keep reading you.
    Best wishes

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