My first love

Your motives were unquestionable, you pursued me beyond my primary rejection and your  arrow pierced my heart.
From our first hello to our first kiss  you left me breathless and wanting more,
you are my greatest inspiration and you ignite me with your zest for life.

Like the greatest storm you intruded my heart, and left me stirred to rise,
we indeed rose together, and together we were dynamic,
A reflection of what true love is all about and you were my greatest desire,
I couldn’t imagine my life without your words,your advises and support
I saw parts of me tied within your soul
Together we were one,we were whole.

we were the definition of love, through the bitter sweet moments i still long to hold you, I desire to go

back in time and hold the hands of thine in minutes,in seconds in eternity.

Written by
Laurna Guiste


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