As a Christain


As a Christain

There is a certain dignity that comes when you say you are a Christian, a certain pride worn like a sash, you become branded as different,  at least you are supposed to be different. Your talk should not be short of grace, seasoned with salt edifying to the hearers, spicy but not filled with profanity.

We’re not to be too harsh or mean, turn the other cheek, humble and meek, ask, knock, seek,

So many rules when you’re a Christian, it is not easy as the road is narrow, evil and dark yet it’s scary I am not supposed to be afraid, being a Christian is kind of like having super powers, believing you can walk on water, defeat demons and create miracles.

Being a Christian means you believe in a higher power and that you are loved even when you are undeserving of that love, you are forgiven even when you’ve committed the darkest sins. Wow

Being a Christian seems to be amazing, so mind blowing to be the product of grace and my life is not mine, I was created for a purpose and I’m not just here filling space and waiting for that time.. Oh yea that time” when I will be no more, in other words when I die.

Where do you go when you die anyway? As Christians we are expected to enter heaven and meet God, oh I feel so proud and I can’t wait to be escorted through that pearly white gate.

As a Christian there is so much more to live for and look forward to..

Written by

Laurna Guiste


8 thoughts on “As a Christain”

  1. I respect your thought and would just like to add that even if we replace the word Christian with any other Religion or even with “a good human being” and it will still hold true.

    I guess becoming a good human being should be a pre-condition before becoming a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Zoroastrian or Hindu.

    No religion teaches us to be a bad human being. Most of them for sure, if not all 🙂 teach peace, love and healthy living habits in harmony with the nature…

    1. I respect your view as well and I’ll say that I am not sure about other religions but I believe in a relationship with Jesus and not religion…where even good works alone cannot guarantee a bliss eternity.

      1. All the very best to you on your journey. Love and devotion to the one one sets her/his mind on is considered the best path to reach the ultimate bliss 🙂

    2. Hello bhuwanchand. I too respect your views regarding human goodness through living according to the great religion’s principles. Though I respect your views, I feel compelled to exempt the Way of Christ (not Christianity) from your list of great religions, for it is not a religion at all. Many have succeeded in perverting Christ’s Way to their own religious purposes, to the extent that the result hardly resembles the Biblical Way of Christ at all. Respect for the Person of Christ Jesus demands a careful reading of His words. Such a careful reading will reveal exactly what He said about Himself, and the fact that He alone is the Way to our Father God.

      Unlike many of the world’s religions, Christ does not require conversion to any particular religion on pain of persecution or death. Jesus taught a morality that far exceeded any religious law: We are to love even our enemies, and do good to those who persecute us. We are to be pure of mind, and not simply of body. We are to deal fairly with all people, honest to our own hurt. We are to forgive completely those who have injured or defrauded us. When someone strikes us on the cheek because of Him, we are to offer the other cheek as well.

      Though Jesus was born a Jew and perfectly followed the Torah, the Jewish religious leaders had Him crucified for purely political reasons, fearing the Roman occupation rather than God. You are right in saying that “Christianity” is one of many religions, but it is just as impotent for redemption as all the rest. Only Christ provides salvation, and that apart from good works produced by human wisdom or goodness. Only those done through Christ’s Spirit living in us will provide blessings beyond this mortal life.

      You are obviously a good person, bhuwanchand, and I pray you will discover the incomparable blessing of eternal life in Christ Jesus, God’s only Son after His own kind.

      Love in Him,

  2. Many people say they can’t wait for heaven, but I think God wants us to experience life and through our trials and tribulations we grow much closer and understanding of him. I wrote a trilogy, “The Chosen One of Allivar”, although not a Christian story, it is unmistakably a work of faith in something greater than ourselves. Structured as a mythology, it deals with creation and the end of times and gives the reader something to think about at the end. But yes, being a Christian is a fabulous thing. Keep writing about it and keep your faith.

    1. Thank you for your input, and i do believe what you said, sometimes the trials you face here are just so pressing that you just anticipate that day much more..I will continue writing about it by God’s grace. Bless you


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