Series of Scary events( Halloween Special)

I was in the kitchen fixing dinner when I heard the  strangest  noise in the back yard, i startled as I was home alone and being quite a scardy cat this wasn’t comfortable.I paused, my eyes widened,then it stopped, so I went back to preparing dinner, while sauteing the vegetables i heard the noise again this time a little louder, it sounded like a cat howling. I fixed my composure as i convinced myself that it was my cat Ginger I left outside and it was totally pissed.”Ginger”! i yelled “Stop it,you’re scaring mommy” i begged the noise continued. I decided to   open the back door and  let it in,outside was cold,dark, the back light was twitching and it made it difficult to see clearly and the cold gust sent chills down my spine.

Shielding my eyes as i yelled”Ginger! Ginger! no sign of the animal, then I heard the sound again, fear griped my soul as it sounded very close to me, the noise amplified and it was behind me, my hair raised as i turned around slowly, you wouldn’t   believe what i saw!!

Written by

Laurna Guiste


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