My love for you remains.


You said we will go on a date together,

you said that we’ll be lovers forever.

My forever is till death do us part, even after leaving this earth, you would have remained in my heart.

No matter what you say, I can see it in your face; you don’t want to lose me. But if you really want to deny it, I’ll just open up to set you free.

My decision might hurt your feelings; maybe even make you sick without a vaccine. I’m showing toughness outside, but on the inside its killing, a burning hell beneath the skin.

You were my ocean breeze; I was your tidal wave. You’re every paragraph; I’m just the title page.

Each time I find it harder, to keep my composer. I was trying to show you everything like indecent exposure.

They say love holds the power to fulfill you, kill you, heal you, hurt and abuse you, take away from what you’re used to. I’m trying to paint a picture on your canvas pane, but you’re mixing up my words in your scrabble game.

You bleed the weakest point in my soul, now I’m trying to rewind the hands of time. I know it’s impossible but even smallest ant could make the Mount Everest climb.

Written by

Mitchel Davis


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