Surprise part two

So it’s one week after my birthday and my boyfriend hasn’t quite digested the fact that I no longer have black hair, he often startles whenever he sees me after a long day. He tapped me gently on the head once; he did it as if I were a cat he was trying to pet lol.

So here we are planning a Halloween party and he states no more costume parties! Everyone laughs and he wants me to promise him I will never do anything as drastic as that without giving him a heads up first, I couldn’t agree.

Though my birthday party was the bom, I enjoyed getting two cakes, gifts and though my boyfriend was the only one dressed in costume he could care less because his whole attention was on my hair. I didn’t know he would take it so hard, so for Halloween we plan to go as our selves.

Let’s hope he doesn’t plan any surprises for me, because I see that naughty glare in his eyes whenever we talk about it.

Written by

Laurna Guiste






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