Lesson Time

Maybe the bus punctured in his village for this specific reason, to see him. While standing beneath the street lamb, with my friend he emitted from the bus. The face looked the same, hair line receded a bit ,wore his usual small glasses and instead of hanging his briefcase over his shoulders he held a black plastic bag.

i smiled as i couldn’t wait to greet him, his look held the definition of a devoted,avid teacher, perhaps a keen scientist but a devoted teacher nonetheless.

His grip was ,warm,soft and he stood at a distance as he spoke,never looked me in the eye as he confessed that he was no longer  teaching at the school but branched out to something more. I couldn’t believe that he could walk away from something he did so well, i knew him as such a great teacher and yet he gave it up to pursue something greater.

It looked like he walked away from his calling, but then he told me he now held private classes, teaching students one on one, that made sense. He didn’t give up his passion, as a matter of fact he made it more personal and enjoyable, he was working on his time, his days and though he looked distant i noticed the warmness in his smile and though he looked most ordinary he looked happy.

Meeting my pass high school teacher today brought back sweet memories of my high school days, being in his class, remembering how easy it was to learn and apply information, he was always so approachable and he being so made it easy to seek his help. I felt for the many students who are currently now and who will one day attend that school, being unfortunate to miss his teachings and undivided attention and keen interest to see them excel in their personal lives , he did it for more than a pay role he genuinely loves teaching.

I pray for more teachers like these, lesson tonight love what you do, do what you love for it shows.

Written by

Laurna Guiste



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