The power of put downs!

I am grateful for the people who unconsciously push me forward everyday!

The disappointments i encountered acted like blessings which aided in making me into a better person. He telling me i am ugly made me work more on my inside beauty, in learning to love myself i became beautiful.

His words were arrows pulled so far back,being the evil archer, he wanted to bleed my heart, but he didn’t know his cruel intentions were  only launching me further out into my destiny.

He constantly told me i wasn’t good enough and that i wouldn’t amount to anything. He spat out his put  downs,but he didn’t know they acted like heavy weights to my shoulders that i was forced to lift up and down,feeling up next time i’m down, but everyday i gained muscle and strength on the words that were intended to crush me.

With him i felt like the  worst and in letting go I was forced to become my best, I had to prove him wrong, let him see  his calculations of me were misjudged and i was underestimated.

He telling me i was dumb made me push myself in becoming wiser and today i can win him in his own arguments. I am proud of who i have become, i have changed and evolved into the woman he dreamed would give him a second chance or a second look.

My experiences made me better, God used them to lunch me into my destiny, i changed at first to feel worthy and accepted by him and when he saw it at first he thought i was bluffing, but my reality have succumbed his imagination as i am an extraordinary woman who would never settle for an ordinary man like him.

We ought to be what we want others to become, so when they have arrived they will join us in the race and not watch us in the crowd of wannabes.

Thank God for the stumbling blocks others placed in your way,God is going to use them as stepping stones.

Written by Laurna Guiste