Come get me love

Love when will you come running through my door, I aint got time for you to knock, I have been sitting here too long to even wait for you to apologize for breaking the door on your way in. Are those real flowers, are they for me? Oh love, come right in. I have been waiting for hours,heck years I been seeing all my friends hanging out with you, you’re a big star ,I see pictures of you everywhere, all over the media, bombarding me, love I don’t want to just hop unto the band wagon but you sure look exciting.

I see the way some couples handle you, like you set their world on fire, bringing them smiles and happiness meeting their heart’s desire, I don’t know why you just seem to change everything and everyone you touch, you are just too magical.

Love I have had met others who claimed to be you, similar face, touch even smelled like you, but they never lasted, living before I knew what it was really all about, I know you want me as ,much as I want you love, I crave you. Many candy men claim to possess you, but what they got are expired, hand me downs I want the true honey, chocolate, drop loving that can’t be replaced with anything fake.

I want the real deal the one that last, not for just hours, but forever, one that is deep, rich and permanent. Oh love spear me the jokers I aint got time for them I only will settle for a hunk like you, because no one does what you do, you are irreplaceable and you make me feel alive just by talking to you.

So come get me love..

Written by

Laurna Guiste