Songs of a 16 year old


I wish forever to be caught in this age, not changing anything, living off the bittersweet moments I indulge in, let my youth linger as a never ending tune on this newly, polished piano.. I want to play, dance in the sun and not care about anything quite serious, I just want to hang out till late hours and feel free. Don’t place boundaries on my youth, restraining orders, they only make me burst through the chains later on in life, so let me enjoy my youth.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


Drawing..take time to draw

Today being home, still feeling a little sick from the flu i felt the urge to draw, now its been a while since i have drawn anything, i took an art class in high school but I’m no professional, though i come from a linage of great artist it has never been my forte per say. Anyways i couldn’t resist so  I got my pencils,got some manila paper,located an eraser, wanted some crayons thought i had some lying around,unfortunately i did not. So i worked with what i had..

I   suddenly had this need to hear Celine Dion” My heart will go on Titanic soundtrack while drawing, sounds silly but it just felt like it would inspire the mood for drawing even more , i don’t know i guess my subconscious wanted to see Leonardo in action in order to spur its wings, its just weird sometimes how our mind works lol. Next thing you know i am watching Titanic and drawing away.

This is what i came up with..