Random poetry

Quit the small talk, follow me to the bedroom i want to rip parts of my heart to you,give you pieces of me. Taste me, feel me, become one with me,write me a letter across your heart..seal it with your blood.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

When you feel like writing sometimes you just don’t want to stop



They are not your tragedy


They are not your tragedy

Shield the little girls hide them from your cruelty, they don’t need their innocence being robbed away,

Let children be children allow them to play, run around don’t ruin their fate,

Allow them to play while it is yet day,

Allow them to run and climb, don’t shut out your mistakes into their existence,

They are here now and they are golden, precious diamonds,

Many babes have so much dirt cover them that they lose their true self

Growing up with a false image of who they really are,

Don’t mold your child’s mind with negativity,

Instead speak life, declare the greatness you want your child to become

For God ordain that they be great and leaders of tomorrow,

Allow these babies to grow.

Written by

Laurna Guiste