Thank you for the Cross

Thank you for the cross

On the cross you stood bleeding, every drop representing your endless love towards me,

Me, the thief who was by your side, me the spiteful soldier who pierced your side,

Me who said let him die,

You still chose to die for me; your obedience set me free,

I was the one, who didn’t choose you, laughed and scorned you, took the whip to strike your back,

And I was the one, who betrayed you with a kiss,

And today who got my back, who promises me eternal bliss?

Who would lay down his life for me like this? Bless me even when I deserved to be cursed,

I didn’t love you but you loved me first, kept and protected me through birth,

You loved me first… died for me when I didn’t deserve it,

All the pain and shame you bore it,  you  took it,

You were bruised for my iniquities, my sins,

Wounded for my transgressions,

Today I stand in admiration, and I salute the greatest hero,

My Lord who died for this zero,

I am, eternally thankful that you obeyed,

And chose to die for this cruel world,

Came to save every boy and every girl,

I stand thankful and I am looking forward to

His second coming!

Written by

Laurna Guiste